He is Alvin Stampley. A stylist. The sytlist, who is the lover of fashion and a creator of style. For all of your wardrobe refreshing and styling needs, please contact him at alvinstampley@ymail.com. You can also find more of his work on IG @Alvinknowsstyle.

"That ponytail does not fit your face." Those are the first words I can remember hearing from Alvin. Under normal circumstances, I would have quickly gotten offended, but I smiled instead because I knew of Alvin's passion for fashion. Sitting in his mother's living room while enjoying a family gathering, all he could do was what he knew and that's analyze my look. He has a natural eye for styling. It's not forced or manufactured. His skill is so innate that even in that moment where he wasn't working, he still was thinking of how to improve my style, mentally noting hairstyles that would enhance my facial structure. I immediately began to love who I would come to know as Lijeng Chen, his former Facebook name.

Over the past six years, I've had the pleasure of watching Alvin grow from a young man simply dreaming of one day becoming a credible stylist to a man fully pursuing that dream and making it a reality. A reality that forced him to step out of his comfort zone and sacrifice to become one of the greats. For years, he tried several paths and now he's creating his own pathway. From styling New Orleans musicians to being invited to attend New York's Fashion Week, Alvin is leaving his imprint on the fashion world. His name will be known as one of the greats in the fashion industry.

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