Why is NOW never enough?

From birth, we are taught preparation for the future. The instructions always fall along the same lines: Don't enjoy your childhood too much because you need to focus on getting into a good high school. Don't enjoy high school too much. Your focus should be on prepping for college. 

The requirements of leveling up

Everyone wants to "level up." Life is all about reaching new heights and with every new goal you set, you will have to change things in order to reach it. Most of these changes won't be easy because we seek comfort.

Everyday Is Not A Good Day

In my past days, I believed that I would one day reach this place in life where I would never have a bad day. As I grew closer to God and built a stronger foundation for our relationship, I believed I would reach a point where my faith wouldn't waver when tested. Today, I am the very person I aspired to be.

Reflecting on Love

Love is one of the most sought out things in life. We naturally seek forms of love in all relationships, platonic and non-platonic. Having over 20 different definitions, love is both a noun and a verb: something that is and an action that can be given/received. We are taught from an early age what love should be.