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Cheers to 2016!

Popular vote has declared 2016 to be one of the worse years of recent memory due to the unexpected deaths of celebrity icons, a tumultuous presidential race, and personal loss individuals have faced. Social media is plagued by post condemning the year of 2016 because it has been devastating to many. On the contrary, personally for me, 2016 has been the most educational and positively molding year of my adult life.

When selfishness is required...

My mom always calls me "Mother Teresa" because I have an innate desire to help others. Naturally, I gravitate towards people when they are most in need. I become their burden carrier, taking on their pain and suffering.

One month down!! Forever to go.... has officially been launched for one month now!🍾🎉 During this time, I have shared my sincere thoughts with y'all. My political views, thoughts on current topics, and poetry are just a few of my writings I have shared on this platform.