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Indescribable Feelings

This past weekend, I was honored to share my poetry, in spoken word, for the first time. This task was not easy. I've always had a fear of speaking my poetry/writings due to the vulnerability. Now that I've conquered my fear, I decided to start sharing more. So here's a piece I wrote, previously, when imagining how unrequited love feels.

Reflecting on Love

Love is one of the most sought out things in life. We naturally seek forms of love in all relationships, platonic and non-platonic. Having over 20 different definitions, love is both a noun and a verb: something that is and an action that can be given/received. We are taught from an early age what love should be.

Learning to love you

The initial lust for your body gave no clue of how I would crave your mind. Your every thought, your deepest fears, your most shaping moments. I became consumed in the thought of you.