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Everyday Is Not A Good Day

In my past days, I believed that I would one day reach this place in life where I would never have a bad day. As I grew closer to God and built a stronger foundation for our relationship, I believed I would reach a point where my faith wouldn't waver when tested. Today, I am the very person I aspired to be.

Rebuilding brokenness✨

y birthday is quickly approaching. Like years past, I have began to assess my growth during the last year of my life. But this yearly assessment is different. As I think back now, I realize that the woman I was for my entire adult life was broken.

Keys to Developing Resilience

Draining is the only word I can use to describe the past week of my life. While nothing devastating happened, the sum of life events drained me, spiritually and mentally. There was a moment this past week when I felt like I was literally on the edge of my sanity.