Indescribable Feelings

This past weekend, I was honored to share my poetry, in spoken word, for the first time. This task was not easy. I've always had a fear of speaking my poetry/writings due to the vulnerability. Now that I've conquered my fear, I decided to start sharing more. So here's a piece I wrote, previously, when imagining how unrequited love feels.

Surviving the Storm

I can feel my body aching, and the pain is beginning to break my mind. Then the rains stops. I no longer feel the house shaking, so I look up and before my eyes, I see that the walls have fallen and everything has been destroyed around me. I lost everything in the storm - EVERYTHING but my life.

First 1/2 over!

Did time pass this quickly when we were kids? If so, it sure didn't feel like it. In January, I proclaimed some affirmations for myself and in good Tae Jo fashion, it has taken me six months to master them. If you're curious to know what they were, you can find them HERE! 

What/Who has power over you?

You're having a good day, in one of your best moods, and then it happens: you see someone, someplace, or something that immediately triggers a bad mood and negative feelings. What is that thing? Who is that person? Why have you given it/them power over your mental and emotional state?