I'm Tae Jo! An intentional living blogger who is here to help you understand that no one has life all figured out and your focus should be on what matters the most: creating a life you enjoy living.

Writing has been my outlet since I was younger and I've explored many avenues in life. I started Neauxlamade as a creative outlet and place to share my experiences and ideas.

I would love to tell you more about myself, but I find it to be cliché. So I asked a few of my creative soulmates (not lovers, just people who get me...get it...the world beyond social media and social structure) to explain who Neauxlamade is in their eyes. Get into their perspective!

"Neauxlamade is a force you must encounter at least once in your life. Since college, she's been this burst of honesty, laughter, joy, drive, intelligence & passion (especially for her loved ones). I know one thing that is truly consistent is her ability to love. It's true that this love can be felt even if you're hundreds of miles away from her. Her life experiences alone are far from minuscule. She's open to adventure, pearls, and fine dining. Neauxlamade is conscientious of all things through her spiritual lens. Intuitively, she navigates her life while using this lens."  -ChloGotFlo

"Neauxlamade is "the flame" that ignites into political poetry. Persistently pointing out inconsistencies of our people that make us more different than alike. Oh the dichotomy. Oh our society. She is a woman that understands the value of a man, but chooses to use her power stand. Her stance is for change. This is Neauxlamade.

She forces "us" to use our brain and abstain from the static that we are force fed. Neauxlamade is our daily bread. She ask that you refrain from unsustained emotional responses but to liberate our souls, to be more conscious. Neauxlamade has melanin that's prevalent, and won't take a settlement on what's relevant. She will dry those blood smeared tears that we all fear. Neauxlamade, "the flame," won't be another name that gets tamed with their hands up and mouth shut."

- Jdot_Smith